About Tracey

I began a career in counselling after experiencing a significant battle with my mental health after the birth of our fourth child. I developed postpartum depression and anxiety. In my exhaustion and through treatment, I, often, felt the sting of stigmatization experienced by others when faced with mental health issues. The depletion that came with the depression sent me into the office of a therapist who journeyed along with me in my recovery. The trust, acceptance, and empathy, I experienced were critical to my healing.

I knew I was not alone in my pain and that was deeply meaningful. My greatest desire is to create a similar space where it feels safe to process the areas of life that keep us stuck, depressed, anxious and unsettled. I am holistic and believe that healing and wholeness come through the mind, body, and spirit. I am deeply grateful for the counselling relationship, I have had, and this experience shaped my desire to acquire my counselling degree.

I originally began my career as an elementary school teacher obtaining my Bachelors of Education degree from the University of Victoria. After teaching for a few years, I took a hiatus from work outside the home to welcome and care for our four children. As the kids moved into middle school, I returned to school and acquired my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology.

I work in collaboration with my clients to process and establish the goals of their therapeutic work. I attend ongoing professional development and continually seek out scientifically and clinically proven approaches to counselling work. My passion is to walk with my clients as they experience transformation. The journey involves being with another, primarily, because we should never go to these dark places alone.

Through my training and personal experiences, I know the relationship with your counsellor is key to the counselling process. This is why our office offers the free consultation. If we are not a fit, I am happy to refer you to another office that would suit you better.

"My greatest desire is to create a space where it feels safe to share and process those areas of life that keep client’s stuck, depressed, anxious and unsettled."

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Tracey Dahl, MA, RCC
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About Lisa

I began my pursuit of a career in counselling after my first marriage of 10 years ended in divorce. I found myself in a formal counselling relationship for the first time. My counsellor was understanding, empathetic, and yet pushed me to learn things about myself I had never acknowledged before, and to make changes in my life and how I did relationships. He helped me to find healing from an abusive marriage and broken dreams. This sparked a desire in me to be able to help others the way that he helped me.

I love learning, and in addition to having obtained my Masters of Art, Counselling Psychology, I have participated in a number of clinically and scientifically proven training opportunities throughout my education. I have achieved Level II of Observed and Experiential Integration therapy; Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, an externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and received training with When Love Hurts (a domestic violence group therapy).

As a result of my life and work experience, I call myself a trauma-informed therapist. This means that I am working from the approach that each of us has experienced something in our lives that was unexpected and left a mark on us in some way. As a result, I am passionate about working with people that have survived abuse in their past or present. I also believe that it is important to help people navigate their relationships, whether that be as an individual or couple. I believe that it is important to have healthy marriages and long-term relationships for our individual health and that of our families and society.

It is important that you are able to find a therapist that is a good fit for your personality and approach to life, as it is my belief that this relationship is the main ingredient for change in the counselling process. To that end, I strive to provide an empathetic, straightforward and holistic perspective so that you feel safe and heard in a way that helps you to achieve the goals that you have in therapy.

"I believe that I can help you with a holistic and empathetic yet straightforward approach to therapy."

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Lisa Catallo, MA, RCC, CCC
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About Katarina

Immediately after I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Counselling, I began my career working as a Residential Support Worker at a group home facility for at-risk youth. Within one year of working there, I was promoted to Resource Coordinator where I had the privilege of supervising staff and working as a front-line crisis worker. The years I spent working at the group home have shaped me to be the authentic, empathic, and hard-working professional that I am. I have experienced and dealt with some of the most challenging circumstances, all which I am eternally grateful for as each experience has made me a stronger counsellor.

My experience working with youth inspired me to continue my education so that I could continue to serve my community at a greater capacity. I attended Trinity Western University where I obtained my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology.

During my time at TWU, I spent a significant amount of time working with clients of all ages (children, adolescents, and adults) throughout different practicum and internship sites within the community. As a student, I also pursued additional training in trauma-informed and attachment-based interventions, as well as experiential and interpersonal therapies.

I am eager to continue to learn by attending workshops, completing online courses, etc., so that I can properly equip and teach clients the necessary skills and knowledge they need.

I consider it an honor to work with my clients and to hear their stories, I believe that therapy is a collaborative process in which the client and counsellor work together to create and reach therapeutic goals.

"I recognize that life is a journey where we are constantly learning and growing, and that therapy is a process that we choose to participate in."

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Katarina McCurdy, MA, RCC, CCC
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