November 28, 2017

Am I Covered to See You?

So you have made the decision that you want to pursue counselling and find some healing and hope out of the hurt that you have experienced.  If you are like many people,  you want to know how much it will cost, and if there might be any help for that cost, you’re your extended health care benefits.  Unfortunately, counselling is not a standard health care benefit.
April 29, 2017

Resilience: Courage To Change

Dr. Salvatore Maddi, a licensed Clinical, Health and Forensic Psychologist, defines resilience as hardiness or the courage to grow from stress. Self-determination and the ability to choose is critical for our mental and emotional health. When tragedy strikes, illness takes a family member, an accident steals health or wholeness; we can feel manipulated by our circumstances and that things are happening around us that are out of our control. This is a horrible feeling.