August 7, 2017

Feeling defeated? Battling “not good enough?”

Comparison. Perfectionism. Self-criticism. These three traits can lead to increased anxiety, feelings of defeat and a fragile sense of self. No matter your age, ethnicity, job occupation or religious affiliation, if you tend to […]
May 20, 2017

Resist Busy: Find Your Rest

Sitting in the coffee shop, three women were lamenting about being busy. They compared notes about “this time of year,” with the wrap-up parties, the end of the year activities and the high school […]
April 20, 2017

Fight-flight-freeze: Is anxiety adaptive?

Anxiety is part of the body system activated during a dangerous event, a way our body quickly keeps us safe. Not only is anxiety normal and adaptive, it is, also, our body's natural alarm system. This system triggers our body to move out of the way and act when a car runs the red light just as you are stepping into the crosswalk.
March 29, 2017


What does it mean to be transformed? To change in composition or structure. To change in outward form or appearance. To change in character or condition. The desire for change is usually a goal in the counselling process. We want to change the way we communicate, relate or feel towards ourselves or towards others. We want to change our thoughts or behaviours...we want to change or improve our relationships. We look for changes that will benefit our overall well-being.