So What If We Fight October 21 & 28

So What If We Fight October 21 & 28


October 21 - 07:00 pm


October 28 - 09:00 pm

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Canvas Counselling


Canvas Counselling

Suite 101 22355 48th Ave

Langley, BC, CA, V3A 3N4

Do you feel unsettled, worried or stuck? Do you have a sense that you are in a rut, created from doing the same things over and over, and not getting different results? Maybe you feel unsatisfied in your relationships, or that your life lacks meaning? Every committed relationship experiences conflict! We can help you become unstuck, and move forward.

We are hosting a workshop that will help you understand four different ways that you may be handling conflict in a negative way, how they are affecting your relationship, and what you can do differently. Come and join us for 2 relaxed and informative evenings, and walk away with tools for improving your relationship.

Facilitator: Lisa Catallo


Tracey Dahl
Tracey Dahl
Registered clinical counsellor (RCC)