Maybe you feel at a loss about where to begin in order to make changes in your life? You may feel anxious about even making that first phone call to our office. It feels risky and you are not sure what you will say or really where to begin. Not knowing where to begin is the perfect place to start.

Counselling that transforms is collaborative. We work together to reach your goals. I will listen and help you identify those traps in your thinking that keep you stuck or feeling deflated. Through my training and personal experiences, I know the relationship with your counsellor is key to the counselling process. This is why I offer the new client consultation at a reduced rate. It is a full session for half the cost of a regular session. If we are not a fit, I am happy to refer you to another office that would suit you better.

Common Client Issues

  • Stuckness: something isn't right but you might not be sure why it feels off.
  • Anxiety: feeling overwhelmed and lost in worry about the future or regret about the past.
  • Depressive Mood: loss of interest in life, flat emotion and lack of vitality
  • Unsatisfying Relationships: disconnection from others, not feeling close to anyone, unbearable aloneness

Sometimes the small shifts create a ripple through your life that changes how you see yourself. We help you make sense of what doesn’t feel right and transform the stuck places. Maybe you feel like you have a blank canvas, or one that has a great deal of paint, but lacks vitality, either way, you can add colour, texture and recreate your life’s masterpiece. It is courageous and transformational work.

For more information, see Individual Counselling and Trauma Informed Care.