Couples Counselling

Do you feel lonely in your relationship? Have the two of you grown apart over the years? Do you feel more like roommates than lovers? Have you found sitting in silence is better than engaging in conversation that ends in conflict? When relationships struggle, couples can feel desperate and stuck in patterns of communication that are hurtful. Couples who experience conflict, move away from the intimate connection that was once desired and needed to feel loved, safe and valued in the relationship. Couples, also, find their relationship changing during transitions, bringing home a new baby, getting married, or watching older kids leave the house. Times of transition are often opportunities to do couples work to redefine intimacy.

Couples counselling may be an option for you if you are looking to:

  • Re-connect with one another
  • Feel more heard, valued and understood
  • Discover how to accept and celebrate one another’s differences
  • Learn how to repair your relationship after a regrettable incident
  • Build intimacy and trust

For additional answers to common questions, see Frequently Asked Questions.

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